1. Data-Driven Methods for Green Cloud Computing

(Ph.D. thesis, CIS, UniMelb, Australia,  March 2017 – August 2020)
Supervisors: Prof. Raj Buyya and Prof. Rao Kotagiri
Objective: To investigate and build resource management policies for the efficient management of cloud data center resources and minimize energy consumption using data-driven techniques.
Technologies: CloudSim, OpenStack, Java, Python, Tensorflow, Sci-kit-learn, and AWS Amazon IaaS Services.

2. Extending Aneka Cloud PaaS APIs for GPUs

(Master thesis, UOH, India, December 2015 – April 2016)
Supervisor: Professor. Rajeev Wankar
Objective:  To build efficient APIs for the Aneka PaaS Tool to utilize the power of GPUs in the Cloud environment. Mainly focused on integrating the CUDA programming environment and CUDA APIs with Aneka Tool.
Technologies: Aneka Cloud Application Platform, C# .NET 4.0 and NVIDIA CUDA, and external .NET CUDA libraries.

3. Scalable MapReduce based Fuzzy Min-Max Neural Network Classifier

(UOH, India, January 2016 – July 2016)
Objective: A MapReduce based FMNN algorithm was designed and implemented in Twister’s framework for massive scale large data sets.
Technologies: Java and Twister’s MapReduce framework.

4. A Simulator for the Gamy5 Product

(SE Intern, Pointed Squares, India, August 2016 – December 2016)
Objective: A working simulator test-framework built to evaluate the application’s functional test-cases and also load testing for in-house Gamy5 products.
Technologies: .NET C#, Task Parallel Library, MySql, and Signal-R.

5. Automatic Protocol Blocker for Privacy-Preserving Public Auditing in Cloud Computing

(Bachelor thesis, BEC, VTU, India, June 2012 – May 2013)
Supervisor: Dr. M. N. Birje
Objective: To preserve privacy in the auditing process in the cloud environment with the use of Zero-Knowledge based protocol.
Technologies: JSP and MySQL.