Scalable MapReduce Based Fuzzy Min-Max Neural Network for Pattern Classification

Apr 2016 – Apr 2016

A new MapReduce Algorithm for Fuzzy Min-Max Neural Network(FMNN) is proposed for the massive large scale datasets. The MapReduce project is implemented in Java using Twister’s MapReduce framework

Extending Aneka Cloud PaaS API for GPU’s

May 2015- April 2016

This project was about to design and create high-level API’s for GPU programming mainly for CUDA in the Cloud computing environment. I have extended the Aneka Cloud application platform to achieve this.  The project was implemented using CUDAfy and .NET technologies along with Aneka SDK.

Automatic Protocol Blocker for Privacy-Preserving Public Auditing in Cloud Computing.

July 2012- May 2013

The project was designed and implemented to demonstrate the zero knowledge based cloud data auditing. By using message digest algorithms like SHA-512 we have demonstrated secure Cloud data auditing procedure. The project was implemented using core Java and JSP.