Things for Globetrotters !!

This historical place will give unique experiences with its exquisite artistic monuments at a massive scale. The region offers many interesting sites for passionate travelers to visit and explore.


This was the land of Chalukyas, an ancient Indian royal dynasty. They ruled most of the southern part of India between 6th to 12th century. Following are some of those sculptures and temples carved inside stone caves.


This is a small village in the Bagalkot where you can find the complex of temples which was built around the 5th century during the Chalukya’s dynasty.


Another ancient village where one can find a large number of temples built around 7 – 8th century. This is one of UNESCO’s world heritage site. A finely carved statues on the stone walls are must watch that  never fails to amaze.


This was the workplace (Karma Bhoomi) of 12th-century social reformer  Basavanna. This is the place where his soul is in rest. The three main rivers of this landscape (Malaprabha, Gataprabha, and Krishna) converge at this place.